1 Month And Counting…!!!

So my dream of all dreams (second only to my LDS mission) is actually happening!  I’m in shock to be honest.  I’ll be grabbing some milk from the fridge and suddenly I find myself hopping around and yelling “The WORLD!  I’m gonna see the WORLD!”  My poor roommates and family are probably sick of these moments of insanity and my Facebook stalkers (I know you’re out there) are probably sick of my Facebook updates, but I truly can’t help it.  I think I even let myself wish Christmas was over and done with, just so I could see the horizon. (Gasp!)

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be circumnavigating the globe this semester.  Yes, I completed my last BYU final Wednesday and for my last undergrad semester, I’m off for the experience of a lifetime!  So here is the cram version of the next four months.  I will be on a university cruise ship (complete with library, classrooms, and most importantly…a pool) via the Semester At Sea program through the University of Virginia.  In essence, we start in the Bahamas and end in San Diego…and travel to about 12-15 countries in between.  While at sea I will have four courses: World Languages, World Music, World Religions, and Global Studies.  When we reach the various ports, I will then travel inland to see as much of the area as possible before we leave for our next port location.

Ahhh! Freak out moment!  After years of hoping, planning, and postponing, I’m sure this trip probably will not feel completely real until I see my first sunset aboard the MV Explorer.  It’s amazing how unreal this trip feels, despite my rapidly declining balance in my checking account.  As each tiny and stressful detail falls into place, however, it becomes less dream-like and more a part of my reality.  As the title of my blog suggests, I will spend a semester trying to touch the horizon–an impossible and yet worth-while endeavor.  Like Jack Sparrow, I will truly discover “freedom” as I see this incredible world first-hand.

I want to recognize the myriad of tender mercies that have come my way.  Financial, emotional, and physical mini-miracles have come together to make this trip a reality (mini-miracles that have come at the most overwhelming moments).   I feel so much gratitude for this opportunity that I know can happen because of a lot of divine help from above.  I cannot wait to meet His children, see His creations, and learn more about my Creator, during the course of this trip.  Life is oh-so-good!

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2 Responses to 1 Month And Counting…!!!

  1. Garry and Adrienne Weiss says:

    This is awesome and it will be great to hear about these memories when we see you again. Enjoy the time and have fun.

  2. colleen jones aka aunt coco says:

    No one I know is more deserving of having their dreams come true:) We will be watching your blog with great anticipation and love and joy for you!

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