Locations List

I just received notification of the places I will be visiting in the course of the semester.  I can’t believe it; I got every trip I wanted except one–too many blessings to count!  The field program involves traveling inland in each port and experiencing first-hand what we have been studying on board while at sea.  As part of our “homework” for each class, we must participate in certain trips.  For example, I will see various temples throughout the world to satisfy the homework requirements for my World Religion course.





South Africa





Viet Nam

Hong Kong





I can’t help but look at these countries and wonder who I will meet, where I will go, and what I will experience.  Slightly overwhelming thoughts, really…

[Learn more about Deaf culture]

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8 Responses to Locations List

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  4. By the way, two of those countries, South Africa and Brazil, are where my Jeremy and Merritt served their missions. Where did you serve yours?

    • Destiny says:

      How wonderful! 🙂 I’m so excited to see both–I’ll have about a week in each and hopefully I’ll get to see a smidgen of what your sons saw! I served in Budapest, Hungary mission–a little colder than where Jeremy and Merritt served 😉

  5. Gayla Moore says:

    Amazing that you’re going to visit all these wonderful places!

  6. Liz says:

    Yay!! Which trip did you not get though? Maybe we can do that trip together in a few years. 🙂 THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

    • Destiny says:

      I didn’t get into a Japan trip but it wasn’t a “dream trip” of mine and I’d rather spend time with Rina anyways lol. We’ll go to Hungary and Brazil instead 😉 I’m so stoked, thanks for always being so excited with me! Love ya!

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