So I’m really not as down as you might think from the title of this post, but I’m definitely feeling the pressure to get everything perfect for my trip.  But on the bright side, my latest update is WONDERFUL!  My BYU friend, Kara Kitchens, is joining me on this trip and we are going to party hearty together!  I’m so blessed to share this experience with her–it will make this trip a billion times better!  (Rough estimate…)

Soooo…Kara and I are attempting to pack enough for 4 months of every terrain and weather possible in a measly two duffle bags and one carry-on (each).  HA!  We’re also biting our nails until our umpteen visas go through (mandatory for the trip) and covering every base from snorkeling gear and mosquito nets to textbooks and compact travel toilet paper.  My dear family is still putting up with my random bursts of intense excitement and the mounds of equipment spread through the house ready to be packed.  I know that this planning and stress will only make the embarkation that much more of a relief and the over-all trip much simpler in the long run, yet I’m seriously considering jumping a plane to the Bahamas tomorrow.  🙂

Ok, enough rambling, the last item of business concerns contact over the next four months.  As we are only given 2 hours of personal internet time (for the entire voyage!!!), I will only be able to do text-only emails to my ship email account or posts to this blog.  If you’d like to get my email address, please email and I’ll get back to you.  As of of Jan 15 I will be pretty much dead to the FB world except for random location updates.

Yup…I think that’s it for now!  Signing out…

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