2012: The Best Year of My Life So Far!

My goodness, my heart is so full this morning!  I’m so excited that it’s a new year and I know that it will be the best year of my life so far.  Honestly, every year is better than the one before and I’m way stoked for 2012.

There are so many blessings in my life and it is simply impossible to count them.  However, I’ll only pick my top 3 for your sakes 😉

1) I’m grateful for a loving family.  We really are the best of friends and I wish everyone could have brothers like mine.  They help me become better and feel loved.  They are my examples and my soul mates!

2) I’m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through His teachings, both ancient and modern,  I know that I can see my Heavenly Father again and live with my family forever.  I’m thankful for temples that have the ordinances needed to live with my family for eternity!

3) I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the world this semester.  I can’t believe I will get to meet so many of God’s children (my fellow brothers and sisters) and see His beautiful creations daily.  My goodness, I feel so blessed that financial and physical miracles have happened to make this trip happen!

This morning I finished the Book of Mormon again.  How grateful I am for God’s word!  I absolutely LOVE the Bible and I know that by reading all of God’s word we will better come to know our Father in Heaven.  Like it says on the cover, the Book of Mormon IS “another testament of Jesus Christ” and will truly help us learn about and come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It does not contradict the Bible, in fact it clarifies Christ’s teachings through the words of prophets.  I know that both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are His words because I have prayed and received the answer that they are of Him.  I know that God is the same forever and has given us prophets today and not just in Bible times.  He has spoken throughout time and speaks today.  What a blessing it is to have more scripture so that I can better learn His ways, His gospel, and better apply His atonement.

I know this is long, but my heart is just so full this beautiful morning!  I’m excited to go to church today and learn better how to change and become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Thank you for all of your examples to me and I hope this 2012 year is the best year so far!

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2 Responses to 2012: The Best Year of My Life So Far!

  1. worthofsouls says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowlege with all of us Destiny! I am so glad things worked out just right. No doubt God’s hand is in all of our lives daily. You are an inspiration to Soooo many! Nagyon szeretlek! Isten Aldjon! Vigyazz magadra!

    • Destiny says:

      Thank you my dear friend! Szeretlek nagyon! És alig várom amikor hallgathatok tőled Indiáról! Köszönöm a kedvesek szavaidat! És….ÉN IS, TÉGED! 😉

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