6 Days and I’m Off!

Things are almost completely packed, clothes hemmed, movies downloaded, and trips arranged. My December “To-Do” list with a million bullet-points, is down to only one page of reminders. I’m in shock and nervous, but totally excited and cannot wait to meet up with Kara in less than a week. Life is SO good!

As of this point, I’ve lined up temple visits in Manaus Brazil, Accra Ghana, Tokyo Japan, and Hilo Hawaii. We will most likely be staying at temple housing for Ghana and Japan which I’m excited about. We are meeting up with a former BYU student in Viet Nam to go to church with her in Ho Chi Minh City. Also meeting up with one of my favorite EAC roommates, Rina, in Kobe, Japan!

Anyways, off and running…just a quick check in. Oh and my free email account is destiny.yarbro.S12@semesteratsea.org that should be available as of Monday! Feel free to write so I know your email addresses 😀

P.S. And thanks to Kara’s mom, we DO have a picture together (…sort of)! 🙂

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4 Responses to 6 Days and I’m Off!

  1. Caitlynn says:

    Hi, I’m going on the spring 2012 voyage too and I couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned going to church when we’re in Vietnam. I don’t have any plans there and I’ve been thinking about going to church since we’ll be there on a Sunday but I didn’t know anyone else who might want to go. I know right now I’m a complete stranger to you but any chance I could tag along?

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