Passing the Baton

Hello all!  Okay, so here’s the deal!  Things are crazy busy (in wonderful ways of course) and I’m trying desperately to write in my journals, keep my family up-to-date, and communicate with the two elementary classes that I have “adopted” for the course of the trip.  These are all wonderful things, but in the process my poor  blog has been neglected.  For the two people actually reading my blog, I apologize 😉  At this point I have been to Dominica and Brazil (for a week, no less) without a single post :/

At this point, my amazing, wonderful, stupendous…and creative brother has offered to post parts of my emails home on the blog to keep y’all updated, but also relieve things on my end.  This dear, sweet, awesome (etc.) brother is also very adept at blogs and such and I’m sure will do a much better job at keeping up with my      blog.  So I now pass the Blog Baton over to Hyram and look forward to any questions you may want to ask in personal emails!


Thanks for your patience!

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2 Responses to Passing the Baton

  1. Kaley says:

    Can’t wait to hear all of the things that Hyram will be posting from things you say and his opinions/thoughts as well! You rock Destiny!!!

  2. Destiny, it sounds like you’re off to a terrific beginning of your adventure. Enjoy it, and we’ll be thinking about you 🙂

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