Student Letter-Nassau, Bahamas

On 1/19/2012 8:16 AM, Laurie Marley’s 2nd grade student wrote:

Dear Miss Yarbro,

How are you today? I am eight years old. I have a dog named Junior. He is a big, white dog. I have one brother and two sisters. How big is your room on the ship? Do you have to share your room? I have to share with my brother.

from, Danny

P.S. Later, Ms. Marley is going to try to send you the pictures we took when you were here. She’s not sure how to do it, but she brought her camera and the USB cable.

This is the Bahamas port. Kara and I were exploring our ship and found this deck.

Why hello Danny!

I am looking at your picture right now because I have the class picture
up in my room!  We got our room today by the way and it has a huge
window so we can see the ports as we embark and disembark (that means
when we get on and off the ship).  Kara (one of my best friends) and I
share a room, but we really like it. :)

Today we got on the ship and then explored.  It is HUGE and is like a
city on water.  There are pools, 2 cafeterias, a basketball court, hair
salons, classrooms, and my favorite part: a library!  When we can I will
try to email pictures, but right now we are just barely getting
everything set-up here.

Instead of leaving the port today, we are waiting for 28 people who are
in Florida and waiting for their Brazil visas to come through.  A visa
is when a country (like Brazil) gives permission for that person to come
into their country.  If they do not get permission then they can't
come.  They have been waiting there in Florida for three days and we
really hope that everything works out so that they can come after all of
their preparation for this trip.

We learned about the lifeboats today and practiced safety drills.  They
are like your fire drills at school: we hear bells, put on life jackets
and get in line outside to do a role call.  Except that we get on life
boats that have three days of food, water, and gasoline, as well as
signal beacons, harnesses and medical equipment.  The safety equipment
is very cool and makes me feel a lot better too. :)

Today Kara and I ate lunch on the fifth deck of the ship.  We were
outside looking at the blue water and enjoying time in the sun.  All I
could think was how I want every person in the world to have this kind
of opportunity.  If you keep your grades up and prepare, you guys can do
a trip like this too!  I know good grades are sometimes difficult to
achieve, but they are so worth it!  You guys can do it because you have
wonderful teachers like Ms. Marley and can work hard to get good
grades.  Dream big!

I better go, it is 12:00 here and we are very tired.  Tomorrow is a day
full of meetings so I will try to find some cool facts about the ship
for you tomorrow, ok?

Good night!
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