Sat. 1-21-12 We Set Sail !!…twice

[Note:  SAS sent notices to the families that the original departure date & time needed to be delayed twice as the ship would wait for students who had not yet arrived, but instead were caught mid-journey, awaiting their Brazil visas]

The last two days has been a SWIRL of activity and today has been our first “real” day 😀  We had a heart attack this morning as we realized our clocks had changed but then realized that I had still woke up in time to get to my first class at 800.  Then we got back in bed after and slept clear until noon!  It was wonderful after these last couple days of happy excitement (don’t worry, we both did the power nap thingy throughout the days–10 mins here and there) [but now that we’re safe on board] sleeping -really sleeping was wonderful!

I don’t have too much time, but I wanted to tell you that everyone [on board] is already SO close to each other!  Ironically enough I think it’s because of the delays of our poor ~23 students that went through beyond-all stress the last week!  They are all officially on board!!!  We left the harbour at 12:00 yesterday afternoon so that the few stalwart parents who had stayed in the Bahamas could wave (originally there were a couple of hundred parents here to wave).  Then we returned at 5:30 to wait for the last 10 students to fly in.  They announced that they were boarding and so all 700+ of us students on the ship went to the various decks to wave, scream, wave signs as they boarded.  They were all crying and just looked absolutely ragged as they got on but oh-so-happy!  Because of this experience our shipboard community is already so so close wonderfully enough.  It was like we all united for this and that broke any ice or barriers we may have had before the first port.

Our room is AWESOME!  Honestly, I’m just so happy to be here on board, let alone have a window!  It just makes the experience that much better!  Anyways, I’m not sure what to say other than we are both very happy that all the welcome meetings are done with–whew!  The teachers are SO qualified (over, really) so I feel that this will be an awesome learning experience.  I have teachers from so many top schools in the country so I get a mini-Ivy League experience! 😀
I absolutely love love love this ship already!  My goodness, we are treated like kings and queens (and yet still definitely students).  It feels like a campus but at the same time our stewards clean our rooms, we have free fluffy towels, great food, etc.  It’s so fun to live so “posh” to be honest 😉  Our steward is AWESOME!  If I remember right he is from the Philipines and laughs a TON! 🙂  We call him handsome because we were signing when he came in the first time and wanted to give himself a name.  The funny thing was that the sign he chose was the sign for “Lesbian” lol!  He said, “But I thought it was like handsome!” So now we call him/sign him “Handsome” 😀  I love the feeling of the boat rocking.  My goodness, I sleep so well with it rocking me back and forth!  Kara and I both got a little queezy (along with every other student on the ship) after sitting in a room for a meeting that had huge curtains that would move from one side of the room to the other with every swell lol.  We were all watching the teacher standing in front of the curtains and it got us haha.  But other than that, I’m grateful to find that I got my sea legs really quickly and just absolutely love the feeling.  Because our boat is “small” (lol) compared to other cruise ships (maybe half or more the size), we feel the waves a whole lot more.  It’s great!

You guys are AWESOME!  Mom, thank you thank you for that detailed email–you know how much I love every detail and the letters make me so happy.
Love love love loves, Me 🙂

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