1-21-2012 Happy Student Nerves!

Today I feel some of the typical start-of-semester w/ nerves that come at the beginning of  Jan and Aug 😉 My classes seem great so far, just with high  expectations. Trying to get all of my Required Field Trips worked out.  Tonight I’ll have to focus on my syllabus and field trip organizing.It was AWESOME to be there as the students came on board. Did I tell  you about calling them in our first meeting our first night? [the phone call with the stranded students was broadcast for all SAS students on board to hear].  That’s  when I felt that college travel energy that really has remained on board  thanks to our 23 “refugees” as you called them 🙂 It touched my heart
to see everyone so concerned for them. I think it’s because every  single one of us had to do a HUGE amount of work and preparation to  get here. Also, anytime someone says “Sorry, I missed that, I was one  of the 23” or “I’m one of the 10” people break out into applause and
encouragement. It’s like a tradition now lol even though it’s only been  about two days that we’ve even known about them.

I’m so grateful to be here! I’m off to class, but I just wanted to  write you again lol.  Love you!

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