Hello Mrs. Allen’s 4th Grade Class!!!

Remember this is Pirates of the Caribbean territory! A pirate ship in front of the beautiful green mountains.

I am so excited to keep in contact with you over the next four months…and get to know you! You have one of the best teachers I know and I am grateful she is letting me get to know you! I hope you’re excited to learn as I am. It’s pretty cool to think that the ship will be crossing the same waters as Christopher Columbus, Magellen, Francis Drake, and my favorite: pirates! 🙂

I know today is Saturday, but I wanted to catch you up on the last few days now that I have internet! I arrived in Nassau, Bahamas on Tuesday last week. The island is tiny and completely flat and the people there speak a very unique English that is similar to Jamaica (Cool Runnings, anyone?) Their island is beautiful but sadly, relies very highly on tourism and not on agriculture. That means that a long time ago, the people grew fruit and vegetables as their sources of income rather than trying to sell things to the tourists. It is sad to me because it means their culture changes as well: it’s not like it was a hundred years ago. But there still is that island feel (though very different from Hawaii).

Ok, so the craziest moment of my Bahamas stay was eating the meat from a conch shell. You know the large shells that are about the size of a football that you can blow in to make a deep hallow sound? Yep! That’s what I ate! They said if you reach into a conch shell the muscle in there is so strong it can destroy your fingers and never let go. So obviously I waited until they killed it before it even came close to my mouth. The man making the conch “salad” was in his little fishing boat and used the ocean water to clean the veggies he cut up to make a conch salad. It was SO legit!

We passed by Dominican Republic and Haiti yesterday and then passed next to Puerto Rico today. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Dominica and I will let you know how that goes Wednesday morning!

Let me know any questions you have about the countries I visit, the MV Explorer, or my classes! I look forward to hearing from you all!


Note:  Mrs. Allen = alias Aunt Kelly teaches 3rd grade in Utah and she has a fun map bulletin board charting Destiny’s course from port to port and it’s titled:  “Where In The World Is Destiny Yarbro?” J  When Mrs. Allen read this letter to her class, she brought in a real conch shell her husband dove for and got her, and she had the students put their hands inside to imagine the muscle that once lived in it as Destiny described.  J

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