Sailing past Haiti, Dom. Rep. Puerto Rico…

We passed by Haiti and the Dominican Rep last night and passed by Puerto  Rico today! It’s just SO exciting! We’re arriving at 8:00 tomorrow  morning in Dominica and we’re so ready…   I’m SO excited! Ahhhhhhh, our first real port! 😀 Honestly  it’s been hitting us more and more as we see the ocean and get our  sea-legs, but today it hit hard as we looked at the map. My goodness,  it’s actually happening!!! 😀 We took pics in front of our SAS map,  pointing at Dominica.

Today went really well. I woke up early and excited for a Sunday. We  had church music on and wore our skirts. We had classes in the morning  and a meeting and then we came back and took a nap before watching the ASL General Conference Morning Session (Elder Hales “Power of the Scriptures” talk). We had time to talk and study and  then we went to dinner and then had our logistical meeting tonight. It  consisted of telling us safety procedures and recommendations for  tomorrow. Two nights before port they do a cultural seminar.  Anyway, everyone on board was  SO stoked. They also showed a video of the students who arrived late with interviews and then videos of us cheering (from our perspective and from their perspective on the dock looking up). It was AWESOME and just so touching to watch. They then awarded the leading student of the  group with something to remind them of the Semester at Sea Community  spirit. Just an awesome night with a lot of energy.

😀 We’re still trying to catch-up on the first two days of craziness and the jet-lag, but it’s simply
wonderful to sleep on a rocking boat 🙂 Anyway, I love you all so much and am so grateful to be here! Thank you Mom and Dad for your support!!!  Wish you were here with everything in me,

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