Class Pics-Bahamas & Dominica


I am finally able to send 5 pictures to you!  Our internet is limited here, so I will pick my favorites and send them to you after every country.  First, here is a picture of our ship in Dominica:

This is Kara and I waiting in line at the Bahamas to get onboard:

As we were leaving the Bahamas port we passed this lighthouse:

Ok, now we’re caught up!  Our ship just left Dominica tonight after two days of paradise!   Dominica is where Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 were filmed and it looks even better than on the movie screen!  The Caribbean is so different from anything I have ever experienced.  The island is a pure rainforest and is so very humid.  It gets 350 inches of rain per year!

Monday I went and saw the capital city, Roseau.  Many, many people live there and the streets are tiny.  When I road in the taxi I felt a little nervous because they drove really quickly on the tiny streets and there was no room for cars coming the other way or for people trying to walk alongside the road.  It was a wonderful exotic experience though!

Seeing the city was fun, but I had one of the neatest experiences that afternoon.  My friend, Kara, and I got in a kayak together in the rainforest and kayaked all the way down the river!  It went through beautiful green trees and past rocks that were covered in green moss because it is so humid here.  We did a lot of water fights, of course!  Don’t tell Kara, but I totally won!   The best part was that at the bottom of the river was the ocean.  We had to paddle extra hard to get over the wake (where the river water coming out meets the ocean waves coming inland).  And we made it without even flipping!  We then paddles far out into the ocean and got to see the ocean from a distance.  Think of Pirates of the Caribbean and that is how beautiful the island is–it is so so green!  The best part was that we then swam in the ocean for nearly 45 mins and then as we tried to paddle back up the river, we flipped 😀  Good thing my camera is waterproof!

We were laughing a ton before we put our kayak on the beach and visited a village nearby.  There we got to meet some of the people and eat lunch with them.  We ate grapefruit, coconut and sugarcane.  There are only 400 people in the village.  I got to watch two sisters play with a hula hoop and waved at me whenever I would wave at them   The people are very poor here, their homes are made of wood and tin for the rooftops.  However, they are so happy!

This is the Dominican coastline:

We left Dominica yesterday and are already halfway to Brazil.  Not only did I get to kayak but I got to swim up a narrow gorge to a waterfall yesterday.  This gorge was like a really skinny, tall canyon.  I could touch both sides of the walls which were covered in bright green moss and I was swimming in cool water.  When I looked up I could only see a crack of sunlight above me.  Kara and I swam for a long time before we reached a waterfall inside this gorge!  One of the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here!  It was one of the top 3 most incredible experiences of my life!!  I will include pics in my next letter from Brazil!

Sorry, this is long, there are just too many good things to tell you!  I would love to hear from one of you at some point.  Let me know if you have any questions!



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