Macapa, Brazil- Abram

Honestly Abram…Like now, for instance, we have been in the mouth of the Amazon since early this afternoon and we won’t see land until 8:00 tonight. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?! This river literally is so big that you can’t see the shores on either side while going up the middle. The river is brown with silt and we’re not rocking now, which is nice for my sea-sick friends :} The sunset is absolutely gorgeous and Kara and I have spent quite a bit of time looking at the water. It’s multi-colored because you have the ocean water making its way in (dark blue water) and then you have the river water pushing out (brown). Ahhh! It’s unreal it’s so cool ;)…Whelp! I’m off! So you know, I have pulled out your music gift over and over. [For Christmas, Abram scanned ~80 of her favorite piano sheet music songs onto her lap top because she couldn’t afford the weight of actual paper for travel requirements]  Now she is able to place her lap top on the piano and play from the music image on the screen!]  The other night I accompanied a guy who sang Josh Groban and a Wicked song, and I also played through almost EVERY song you had on there a couple times over 😉 I LOVE IT! That honestly was the best gift and perfect for this voyage!  …[So grateful for the grand pianos aboard.  PS- Kara is still trying to get the ‘hang’ of scrolling my pages on time] I miss my favorite page-turner brother 😉

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