2:57pm Overnight In The Jungle, Swim w/ Pink Dolphins, Pirana Fishing…

I just got back from my 2 days, one night stay in the Amazon!
It was honestly an incredible experience and one that I can say, “Wow!  I did that!” and then NEVER do it again 😉  Really, though, it was a wonderful experience just absolutely legit…I have never before experienced heat or humidity like the last two days. (105 degrees and I can only guess–though pretty conclusively–100% humidity).  Hammocks, bugs galore, fish for breakfast lunch and dinner, jungle hike for hours as a “survival” experience complete with eating bug larvae (don’t worry, I let the guys take on that challenge) but I did eat some other interesting plants including a coconut the size of a ping pong ball.  I also SWAM WITH PINK DOLPHINS (AWESOME!!!), went parana fishing, alligator hunting again, saw lilly pads the size of a queen sized bed, danced in an Amazon rainstorm, went on a night canoe trek for several hours by moon light only, saw the glass-like Amazon river at night,
visited several villages (soccer again!) set off fireworks,
swing-danced on a white sand beach, even found Dulce De Leche [home made candy I loved in Mexico] in one of the furthest villages, and sweat more than I thought was possible!  It
was a trip that I will never forget, one that I would NEVER change for
anything, but I am SO glad to be home in an air conditioned room, with
clean sheets, cold showers, food other than fish, and cold drinks.  I am
so blessed and have learned SO much in the last 48 hours–honestly it
feels like it was so much longer than that simply because of all I
learned!  Life is oh-so-good! Love love love you and wish you were here! Destiny

Family replied:  OOHHHH Honey!! WOW do we hunger for the details!! We all gather around the computer so excited for you but we finished and Hyram said:  Is that it??? 🙂  Ok, so this entry is really a cliff hanger— LIKE NO FAIR JUST TELLING US YOU FISHED FOR PIRANA- um how do you do that safely??!! -AND SWAM WITH PINK DOLPHINS—um did you get near them at all??? We are grateful to get a few lines so we know you’re ‘home’ safe, but when you can, we’d love to hear more of the fun details!

Destiny wrote a bit more in reply:
Haha, sorry! I’m trying to do details but there is just SO MUCH that I
am experiencing, it’s a little overwhelming to get it all down in
journal, family emails, and class emails 😉 Oh Mom, you would have
loved the dolphins! I was in the water swimming with dolphins swimming
around us: I got to hold it’s neck even! They are incredible and it was
definitely intimidating since we were in the Rio Negro which is
literally pitch black water. So you couldn’t see the dolphins until the
natives held the fish above the water enough so that the dolphins would
jump! It was a little scary to feel them swim under you without being
able to see them, but SUCH a rush! 😀 Oh man, I wish you guys could
have been there every second!

Then the piranas weren’t quite as exciting because we were in small canoes with native fishing poles and meat as bait. Sadly all we got to see was flurries of water and when we’d lift our sticks, the meat would be gone Ha Ha! The guides were pretty disappointed that the fish weren’t swarming better, but we definitely had PLENTY of heebeejeebees (spelling help lol!) without seeing the fish themselves. We got to see stuffed ones on our riverboat and I almost bought one as a souveneer but I think Kara would have killed me: it took everything she had to do the alligators, let alone piranas lol! Honestly, I have so so much that I want to share–I need to get to bed and I’ll let you know more tomorrow. We’re going to the Manaus Deaf school if all goes well! I’ll let you know ASAP.  LOOOOOOOOOOOVE You!

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