Coming to the Amazon

I’m loving life here on the………AMAZON!
YEP!  We’re finally here and it is incredible!  We crossed the equator last night! (The TVs in our rooms give us a constant flow of Lat and Long coordinates along with a screen that shows where our boat is located.)  The following is a clip from my letter to Abram last night:

“Like now, for instance, we have been in the mouth of the Amazon since early this afternoon and we won’t see land until 8:00 tonight.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!  This river literally is so big that you can’t see the shores on either side while going up the middle.  The river is brown with silt and we’re not rocking now, which is nice for my sea-sick friends :}  The sunset is absolutely gorgeous and Kara and I have spent quite a bit of time looking at the water.  It’s multi-colored because you have the ocean water making its way in (dark blue water) and then you have the river water pushing out (brown).  Ahhh!  It’s unreal it’s so cool ;)”

Whelp, when I woke up this morning, we had land outside our window and as of this afternoon we are “parked” at the head city of Macapa while we bring on Interport Lecturers who will live with us over the next week plus.  It is absolutely incredible to be on our MV Explorer [the ship] heading up the Amazon!  I mean, who does that??  I have felt like traveling the world by boat is pretty out there, but going up to the inner city of Manaus is so out there as well!  Kara and I have been giddy, thinking about what we will soon see!  We have been studying up on the rubber boom, Amazonian religions, Brazil Africans for so long now that the entire boat is ecstatic to arrive 🙂
We will continue up the Amazon today and tomorrow and arrive in Manaus early Tuesday morning.  Kara and I have a lot planned in this port and I am SO excited!!  We will stay in Manaus for 4 days and then make the 2 1/2 day trek back to the Atlantic.  There are so many sureal moments, such as watching Master and Commander this last week and realizing that we are sailing off the north coast of Brazil (exactly where the movie starts!), then there is Pirates 2 which is in Dominica, and other shows that we will be watching when we reach those respective areas.  Just makes it that much more tangible for us.  So many times I look out at the huge ocean and wonder what it must have been like to sail blind.  The other night HUGE black clouds completely covered the sun and it rained like crazy.  The waves got a little choppy and I thought about early sailors with no instruments to guide them.  It’s an amazing experience after all I have read!
Sorry, I’m rambling 🙂  I have been enjoying the grand pianos on board (they even have a white grand!) and playing a ton.  Kara is a good sport as I play for hours. 😉  Oh, one more random thing sorry, but I remember reading about how to remove Barnacles from the bottoms of ships and it’s by sailing in fresh water which is what we’re doing now as we sail up the Amazon!
Ok, I’ll close.  Just know that I am SO excited to get to Manaus, I am so excited to get on a riverboat for a couple of days, and I am so excited to meet the people.  I’m so blessed to be here!!!
Love you all, Destiny
P.S.  Sorry, I’m still getting my email list together, so I will try to get everyone caught up…

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