1:30 am My heart is full as I leave Ghana

Hello family!
It just hit me that one month ago today I arrived in the Bahamas to start this journey.  Honestly I just feel like I’m scrambling to hold on to this experience because it flies by so quickly!
Tonight Kara and I stood on deck 5 and watched the Ghanaian dock as we left port.  It hit me so strongly how much I am changing this trip.  This trip is changing me forever and I can’t wait to see how I grow throughout the remainder of the trip.  Honestly, Ghana was full of ups and downs and I LOVE IT!  There were feelings here in Ghana that I have not experienced before in my life.  It’s hard to get my emotions in an email.  I absolutely love Ghana with my whole heart.  It is a struggling country with incredibly poor and the most loving people.  It’s hard to imagine going back to the states after meeting the people of Dominica, Brazil and now Ghana who are SO kind and loving to these strange American students with their big cameras, awkward smiles, and naive minds.  Tonight I “had a moment” standing out there on the deck watching the waves around me, the ocean breeze in my face, the mist from the waves gently hitting me–I have no idea why I have been so blessed to take this trip but I am SO grateful with my entire heart that I am here.  My life will never be the same and I’m doing all I can to not resist against that change.  So much gratitude in my heart: my heart is full tonight.
Today we went to the Kakum National Forest where we traversed canopy walks suspended high above the rainforest floor.  It was a life highlight–it was the most incredible feeling to be that high off the ground and be able to see greens I have never seen before.  Honestly, I don’t even know why we only have one word for green–there were SO many colors in this rainforest all labeled “green”.  The set-up was definitely not USA built, but it was a wonderful experience and relatively safe.  I took lots of videos of Kara and I trying to walk straight as the canopy walkways weaved back and forth.  It was incredible!
We also went to a restaurant and saw the Bamboo Instrument Orchestra.  It is a group of native Ghanaians from one of the villages in the rainforest and they played and danced to music from only bamboo made instruments.  I took this trip to fill my Music Class requirements and I absolutely enjoyed it!  We even got to dance and Kara and I did a solo (well, duet, I guess) in the center and I’m sure looked VERY anglo haha.  But we had fun and I took a lot of videos for you when I get home!  I just want you guys to experience everything I experience so I have taken (too) many videos 😉
So, in essence, Ghana was absolutely INCREDIBLE.  It was not completely pretty and I think that is why I loved it–it changed me and we were not simply tourists.  I feel like I left part of my heart there and it hurts to leave.  As we were pulling out of the harbor I realized that in the other ports I felt a yearning because I knew this would most likely be the only time in my life that I get to touch Dominica or Manaus.  Ghana feels different to me.
Love you all so much!!!  On to SOUTH AFRICA!  Listen to Waka Waka by Shikira for me and get in the mood 😉

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