Not at BYU anymore & ASL Club

Hello Family and Friends! 😀
We’re almost to South Africa.  We’re doing Cultural Pre-port tonight and Logistical Pre-port tomorrow before arriving Friday morning.  Yippee!
We have 107 people in our ASL club!!!  Our evil plan to take over the ship is working 😉   That is a 6th of all of the students on the ship! 😀  The last class we had 84 people come which meant people were lining the walls, sitting on the floor, sitting on each others’ laps haha.  We need to get a bigger room lined up and they’re looking for one that’s available now, but until then, we’re just nice and cozy.  The thing is that only 4 people sign well on the ship (besides Kara and I) and of the rest probably only 10% have even taken an ASL 101 class (which teaches animals, days of the week, etc.) so we’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the interest.  I think one thing that adds to this is that everyone here is on the trip of their lives and so you have a lot of kids that want to learn something that they have always had the desire for but have never had the opportunity to actually do it.  Sign is one of those things haha.  Its great!  We’re doing Wave Your Flag in the talent show: Kara, Tori and I interpreted it into real ASL so that it will be legit and because it repeats Kara has some AWESOME choreography to go with it.  Everyone is going to wear a t-shirt from one of the countries or an SAS shirt, etc.  Should be a blast!  Last night I taught the most random funny phrases that they will only use now because they know them, but all of us were cracking up SO hard and just had a blast.
Ok ok, really gotta get to studying haha.  I’m so excited for South Africa.  Got my Safari travel plans yesterday: it’s pretty legit!  We’re going to Port Elizabeth, Addo, Tsitsikamma, and of course Cape Town over the course of 4 days.  We also have the Deaf school, Robbin Island, and night under the stars lined up for the first day and Habitat for Humanity the last day.  It’s going to be a BLAST!
Oh, and enjoy haha: 😀
Kara and My “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in BYU anymore” List:

-When your course calendar is divided up by countries, not church leadership meetings, “Linger-Longers”, Divine Comedy, and General Conference.

-When the teacher swears more than all the movies I have ever watched in my life put together.

-When you see posters for the Sex Fest coming up.

-When your neckline and your hemline touch.

-When the latest suggestion for water conservation is: “Shower with a Friend”.

-When learning about the world means realizing “beer tanks” exist, “port” is the synonym for “party”, and a local drink is not coconut milk.

-When you look out the window at the view 5-star hotels would die for.

-They have Coke…period.

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One Response to Not at BYU anymore & ASL Club

  1. Savanna says:

    lol! That is hilarious! What a great opportunity! So fun to find ASL friends! You are so close to Shad that is crazy! How fun!!!!!!!!!!

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