Rough Seas Chaos! Ha! Ha!

[see yesterday’s note re: rough waves explained to Armando/all students of Ms. Marley’s class]

It’s NUTS!!!  I can’t believe I’m here!  The seas are just getting crazy.  All of the water pitchers spilled on our tables at dinner, the toasters flew off the tables, sitting on chairs are NOT safe as they tip over constantly, and we returned to our room in shambles lol.  Everything on tables, in drawers, cupboards, etc was everywhere.  It’s quite the experience!  We also heard though that it will be worse after Cape Town: that 17 foot waves will be average…yuck 😉  Needless to say we all stay in our rooms for the most part unless we absolutely have to leave for something.  Going around the cape is just incredible.  It’s the furthest south we will be on the voyage, but like I said, it’s going to be London/Mediterranean weather and then because it’s the southern hemisphere, it’s summer here so it shouldn’t be too too cold.

PS- There were probably 50+ people that showed up for Kara’s party–they were all waiting there and were SO AWESOME.  So many ASL club members who secretly learned the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in ASL w/ me last week!!!- Tough planning because Kara and I are together 98% of the time!  …deorations from home…an icrecream cake ordered…her favorite SAS t-shirt from the store…Kara was totally  surprised!! 🙂

On 2/23/2012 1:49 PM, Abram Yarbro wrote:

Those waves are insane! I can’t imagine trying to function in stuff like that. Does the window in your room help fend off the seasickness? > What is happening in the library with all this weather? Good luck with it! Yay for winters in Thatcher–honestly that is one of the pluses 😉

Destiny replied:  Yeah…as far as functioning goes, I’m grateful I have seasick bands but sometimes that’s not even enough.  Most just stay in bed and thankfully the teachers understand.  Required classes are filmed so that we can watch them on the tvs in our cabins because they know some students will be sick the entire voyage (I can’t imagine, that would be AWFUL!)  The bookstore has everything taped down or screwed into the walls.  The library has shelves that are like troughs so as to keep the books in.  The cafeteria has most things secured down except for pitchers, toasters, etc.  While the window does help in mild weather, when it’s bad we close the curtains because otherwise our view goes from seeing only blue (because we’re hovering over the ocean) to only seeing sky in the matter of seconds, so we try to avoid looking out the window.  Honestly it’s like being on a crazy roller-coaster (if it’s really bad, you close your eyes 😉 ) and I think the worst part is trying to do homework.  It’s like reading in a car that is swerving up and down and all around…looking at the computer screen even gets a little exciting haha.  So we were doing roommate prayers with Alyssa and all of a sudden all the drawers opened again, the chair was sliding, our tv spinning around, etc.  We were trying to be reverent…unsuccessfully 😉  Anyways, at this point we hope we can get into port.  Last year the wind and weather was so bad that they had to wait out at sea for a day and a half until it was calm enough that they could dock…hmmm, I’m hoping we don’t have to hang out on rough seas for that long–I’m READY for dry land 😉 lol
Love you love you love you!!!

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