Student Letter- South Africa Animal Facts

[2nd grader Ms. Marley’s class]
Dear Miss Yarbro,
Did Cuddles get to ride the elephant with you? We figured out that with 6 groups of 15 elephants, you saw 90 elephants. Then we figured out how many pounds 90 elephants weigh altogether. It’s about 180,000 pounds! How tall was the elephant you rode on? How did you get on it? Was it hard to get on? Do you know how old the elephant was that you rode on? Did you see a gazelle? Did you see any cheetahs? Did you see a hyena? We saw the videos and pictures on your blog. Your mom sent it to Ms. Marley. Our favorite one was the Amazon wildlife. I am Isabella. I have two brothers and no sisters. I have a dog named Scentsy. My dad saved her from another dog at his work. She has a rip in her ear from the other dog. We’ve had her since we moved to Chino Valley last summer. I have a puppy named Rusty. He got lost two times. He has a lot of fun at my house because we have a kitten too. The kitten’s name is Rosie. She was at a homeless shelter. She was found on the road. She brings us mice at nighttime. Ms. Marley is still trying to contact City of Hope. She emailed them, but has not gotten a response yet.
Love, Isabella

Hello Isabella!!!
I’m back from South Africa and we’re now on our way to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean!  We are going to experience rough seas, but so far I’m not feeling sick at all and I’m very happy about that. 🙂
Of course Cuddles rode the elephant with me!  We were so excited and it was so much fun.  In my South Africa letter with pictures I go into more detail about riding the elephant, so hopefully that will arrive soon 🙂
I saw so many animals and I want to tell you about one animal in each email I send to you over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll start with the cheetah!  On my 3rd game drive we drove in through the tall gate into the reserve and as luck would have it, there was a cheetah laying just behind a bush next to the road!  So we got to see a cheetah close up!
Here are some cool facts about cheetahs: They are able to accelerate really fast.  Only just barely was the first car built that can accelerate as fast as a cheetah! They are not cats because they don’t have retractable claws. They are built for speed: the shape of their head is aerodynamic and their bones are like birds: very light in weight. Their tale is flat so that they can steer when running fast like a rudder on a boat. You know their black spots?  The hair in those spots is really thin to help them go faster.  Like a golf ball has tons of small div-its?  Same idea with the cheetah. They have black under their eyes which means they are day animals.  If there is white then they are night animals because it attracts any light so they can see better.

Anyways, I have to get to dinner, sorry!  But thank you SO much for writing me Isabella!  I’m glad you enjoy my blog 🙂
Have a wonderful day! Destiny

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