A mom note!

Hi Everyone- Destiny’s mom here! I thought I’d let you know that as I’m posting items for Destiny I’m putting them in chronological order according to the date she wrote them. Often we will get pictures WAY after the journal entries she’s sent us, or there will be student letters we get that coordinate with entries from a week prior. Rather than post everything randomly as it comes, I thought it would be best to organize everything by date so the info about each country’s experience is posted together. SO- be sure to look over previous locations where she’s been, as you can see a few more pictures or fun little additions, darling student letters, etc. that we’ve posted more recently. On that note: I still have to finish posting her Ghana experiences from Feb. 2-17, so watch for those sometime next week. I’m new to blogging so my ‘blogging buddy’ Hyram & I are problem solving this step by step- it’s a WONDERFUL dilemma to not be able to keep up with all she’s written! With that said: Today I posted her entry from FRIDAY 2-24, so you will find that entry below these pics from Saturday 2- 25. We hope to be organized before she gets home! 😉  Thanks for your patience. 😀

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2 Responses to A mom note!

  1. Kara's mom says:

    Thamks Destiny’s mom. I get a better picture of the duo’s activities by reading Destiny’s blog along with Kars’s notes. You are braver than me being the keeper-of-the-blog!!

    • Destiny says:

      Hi Kara’s mom & I’m SO glad you are getting to read their blog news! If only typing ‘THANK YOU’ could look as good as it feels to us as parents! We are so grateful for Kara. Her skills and her love of liviing life to the fullest have been a match for Destiny and this dream come true! They make a great team! patty

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