Huge waves as far as the eye can see…think roller coaster!

Hey family!
I know it’s late and you’re all in bed and that it’s actually yesterday, which is today for me, which is tomorrow for you guys…… haha, this time change thing is crazy and it’s going to get worse So you know we changed the clocks again so it’s 12:27 AM there and it’s 10:27 AM here. Thankfully my body is adjusting well.

Sorry I haven’t emailed, really it’s just because I’m trying to get midterms over and 2 papers finished (just turned in one today!) and then I want to get to the long South Africa email I owe everyone.  …Finished the easiest midterm of my college career this morning. I don’t know but I keep expecting BYU level expectations (at least!) for homework and tests and I’m blown away how it’s just not even ‘in the same boat’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m TOTALLY fine with that for this trip and it’s not like I’m needing the credits, but I do wonder as to why these Harvard, Columbia University, etc. professors let us off so easily…I have had the thought that maybe they want to have an easy trip too.  Anyways, like I said, I’m not EVEN complaining and totally fine if this continues…
I just got back from standing on the 5th deck for about 20 mins. The swells are absolutely huge and every time the front of the boat hits the water (we’re rocking a TON) huge streams of water are pressed to the side. It literally flies to the side several hundred feet–it’s beautiful! I got lots of videos but I’m not sure how someone will be able to tell how much the ship is rocking–still working on how to film that for my elementary classes and you guys.
Anyways, going to catch up my journal today–I’m on the last couple pages of my 1st bound journal book–I start the 2nd one tomorrow! Crazy how much has happened since I started this voyage, it’s pretty incredible to look through my journal and see the awesome memories on each page. As of the day before yesterday we were done with a 1/3 of our voyage…it blows me away—can you believe it!?!

It’s a good day and although I was a little green while in my class this morning (it’s in the very front of the ship) I’m feeling pretty good despite the rough seas. If I think roller-coaster I have a blast and no worries It’s when I assume that the floor or the dining table or at least the toilet should be stable is when I feel a little queasy Whelp! We’re going to teach the Dependent Children Home School some sign language today [children of teachers & staff on board] then practicing Rhapsody with Matt and then ASL Club tonight. We’re also showing Sweet Nothing in My Ear to the entire shipboard community the day after tomorrow to get some discussion on the cochlear implant started.

Other than that, I’m keeping busy with school stuff and not being seasick (which I’ve been successful with so far). Getting cleaned up and then going to dinner with my friend John.

Should be a good week before we hit Mauritius! We’re only there a day but it will be nice to break up the 13 days of rough rough seas to India–I’m looking forward to it.
Love you so so much! And yes, I’m doing good so far if my sea legs hold out


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One Response to Huge waves as far as the eye can see…think roller coaster!

  1. Gayla Moore says:

    Simply amazing! I LOVE your updates, read each one, and have forwarded the ones that apply to my boys (Merritt–Brazil; Jeremy–So. Africa). Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

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