Student Letters- Ship Waves, South Africa Animal Facts

Student Letters-edited portions:

Ms. Allen’s  4th grade wrote:
Dear Destiny,
I’m so glad that I can finally write to you. Have you seen any snakes so far? Are you having the best time in your life? Where’s your favorite place that you have gone?  Have you seen a mako shark yet?  Have you seen a lion fish yet? Well see ya later. From, Mason

Hello Mason!
How are you? I’m glad you could write too! I have seen lots of snakes! I saw an anaconda on the Amazon and a pink snake (I forgot the name) in South Africa on the safari. Snakes are not my favorite, but they’re really interesting!

Wow, that is a hard question! I have no idea what my favorite place is! 🙂 They are all so different and so wonderful that I can’t help but love every country! I think it’s just that every place has been special to me. 🙂

I haven’t seen very many fish yet because we’re on this huge ship and we don’t get to see under the water. But it’s pretty cool to think about all of the fish and whales and squid and jellyfish under this ship right at this moment! Kind of gives me the willies to be honest 😉

I am absolutely loving this trip. Thank you for your wonderful questions! I love the emails from you class and can’t wait to get more! 🙂

Thank you!

Ms. Marley’s 2nd grade wrote:

Dear Miss Yarbro,

Today is pajama day at school because it is our 100th day and tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Did you know that Dr. Seuss is not his real name?  Today is also Ariana’s birthday. She is eight today.Jayden’s brother Levi will get the braces out of his mouth on March 12. The braces are there to keep him from opening his mouth too far. He has to use a straw or suck up anything he eats or drinks.  I have two brothers and no sisters. I also have a nephew named Kaiden that lives with us. I have a pet guinea pig. Her name is Carmel.  From, Jeremy

Dear Jeremy!

I LOVE pajama day!  We should have pajama day on this ship–that would be fun 🙂  I’m so glad Levi is getting the brace out soon, he will be very happy to move his mouth, I’m sure.  I’m just so grateful he is getting better!          Way to go on the fruits and veggies!  I’m a big fan of pickles, pomegranates, avocados (ask Mrs. Allen), tomatoes, raspberries, grapes, and almost everything else.          I’m on the ship at the moment in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  We are on our way to India and will get there on Monday!  Remember how the ship I’m on is almost 600 feet long and 8 stories high?  Right now when we’re in the middle of the ocean and the waves are sending our ship flying, I don’t feel like it’s very big anymore. 🙂

On the safari we saw “Bush Spurs”.   These are birds that aren’t very smart at all.  They can’t walk backwards, meaning they don’t understand how to walk backwards.  It’s like when a baby is just learning how to walk and can only move forward.  They’ll keep walking until they reach a wall and then they’re stuck, they don’t know what to do next.  Same with Bush Spurs.  So the bushmen (the natives of South Africa long ago)(would dig skinny one way tunnels into the ground and put bird food from the mouth of the hole to the bottom of the hole.  The birds would follow the trail into the hole and then not be able to walk backwards to get out, so the bushmen would easily reach in and grab them.  Poor little guys!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for your patience for my email!  You guys are wonderful and I love your emails!  Destiny

Ms. Marley’s 2nd grade wrote:
Dear Miss Yarbro,
How is Cuddles? We are glad he doesn’t snore so he doesn’t wake you up every night.
It is almost spring break. It starts on Friday and we don’t come back to school until March 19. We won’t be writing to you, but Ms. Marley will write a time or two. So, you’ll have a break from us…                      Love, Jesse James

Hey Jesse James!
I’m glad you enjoyed my safari pictures.  On the safari we saw zebras. Did you know that zebras are black with white stripes? When the white hair is rubbed off, there is black underneath! We saw herds and herds of zebras. Their back legs are VERY strong and can kill other animals. Zebras always hang out with the Wildabeasts. Zebras can see really well and wildabeasts can hear really well, so they protect each other!

Thank you for your emails. I love them and just feel like I’m getting to know you guys really well. I can’t wait to come back and see you when I’m done with this trip! You guys are amazing and will be incredible people someday! Keep up the good work and dream big!

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