Pictures-North India & Taj Mahal


I didn’t get a picture of the most poor and packed areas or the starving men and children because it did NOT feel right, however this is one of the areas of New Delhi that hopefully give you an idea.

Heather, Tory and I with one of the hotel guards. These are my ASL buds from the ship and dear, dear friends.


There is nothing like walking through that red arch with the gorgeous white Taj in the background–it’s surreal! I can’t believe I’m here…I’m in INDIA, fulfilling my dreams to see the Taj Mahal in person. Can this really be happening??? …After reading books like 3 Weeks With My Brother too many times, I can’t believe I’m actually traveling the world! So many dreams and wondering what it’s like. I’m so grateful I have been born in this time and age when a simple girl is able to go and see and learn. So many blessings!


Here is an incredible old shrine now being used as a place to sell wares. Like I said, shrines/temples are EVERYWHERE and only the most immaculate are preserved.


This is the red gateway that you walk through to reach the Taj inner courtyard areas.


This is the point when the Taj materializes. I’m standing in the halfway through the gateway.

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