China & Potala Palace, Tibet

I’m in one of the most incredible and remote places on earth. Here are traditional Tibetan homes in front of awe-inspiring mountains.

Standing in front of the Potala Palace before walking the 500+ steps lol. It was absolutely incredible and the tour seemed to go on forever as we looked through a few of the 1000 rooms in the palace. It was absolutely huge and the view from the top was beautiful.

We went to a lake at 15,000 feet above sea level. It was absolutely GORGEOUS and one of the most beautiful places I have seen on this earth. My goodness, I had so many “moments” as we made our way to the top and looked over the lake. I can’t believe I’m here in Tibet! I am so blessed to see such incredible places!

Yep! I road a Tibetan yak in the Himalayas at 15,000 feet! Best day EVER! 😀

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