Class Letter- China & Tibet

Hello Mrs. Marley’s Class!

How are you guys?  I hope you got the few emails I sent last week!

Two nights ago I got back from my week long trip in Hong Kong, China, and Tibet!  I know you guys saw a lot of pictures that I sent my family, so I’ll just send a few today. J

The first day we pulled into Hong Kong port.  There were buildings everywhere!  Kara, Alyssa and I went to our Mormon Temple in Hong Kong.  It was in the center of the city, but when you enter in the gates, it’s very peaceful.  It was nice to have thinking time there.

I then hopped on an airplane to Beijing, China!  I think you saw the pictures of me at several places in China.

1)Tianenmen Square is a huge area where college students protested against the government…

2) We then went to the Forbidden City.  It was SO cool because for thousands of years no one was allowed into the city.  I wrote about the Forbidden City in one of the emails I sent you.  Here are some more pictures: everything was just SO detailed!  The lion represents the emperor and the empress.

3) Then we went to the Great Wall of China!  It’s absolutely HUGE!  I got to walk on it for a while and see the guard towers and the beautiful rugged mountains in the distance.  It was beautiful!  Do you like my white fuzzy hat I bought? 😀

We then went to Tibet for 4 days.  It was weird to go to Lasa because even though it’s a large city of 400,000 people, there was hardly ANYONE on the streets…  …It was an incredible experience and I learned so much.  I am SO grateful for the United States of America!

This is right before we ate YAK! 😀  The chairs and tables are very short.  You’re almost sitting on the ground.

When we hiked up to Patola Palace we were all exhausted.  This is because we were at 12,000 feet above sea level.  This meant that even though it doesn’t look very steep, we were all out of breath.  The air is so thin you feel like you’re breathing through a straw!  Later we went to the lake which was at almost 16,000 feet and everyone was moving slowly so that they didn’t have to breathe too much. J  It’s so amazing that people have been living here in the Himalayas since 7,000 BC!

View from the top of Patola Palace.

I hope you enjoy the pictures here and from my mom!  Thanks for your emails!  Please write your questions down for me, ok?  J

Have a great week!


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