Class Letter- Singapore

Hello Ms. Marley’s Class!

How are you guys?  I have been able to keep you updated through individual emails and my family blog, but I wanted to send you some more pictures of India and a picture or two from Singapore, Malaysia!

First of all, we have been on the doldrums the last few days which is an area of the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal where there are no swells.  The water looks like glass because it is so smooth and it feels like the ship isn’t even moving because we are so used to the waves.  The only ripples are made by our ship.

Also, after crossing the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean without seeing hardly another ship, it was weird to be in this area where there are so many ships crossing.  This is because there are a lot of pirates in these waters and so the ships stick together for safety.  (Our ship is also the fastest which made me feel better as well. J )

So here is a fun picture or two from India that I thought you might enjoy!

I guess there is no limit on how many people can fit in a tuk tuk J

This is the “Baby Taj”.  It was just so incredible to me how many OLD buildings there are in India!

I was sad because my plans to visit a Deaf school in Singapore fell through.  However, as luck would have it, I met two Deaf men in the mall next to the dock!  I was standing in line and saw them moving their hands and knew it was sign.  Yippee!   We had probably a 30 minute conversation.

Singapore is a very, very modern and advanced city.  The government is very authoritative which means that it is very involved in the people’s everyday lives.  For example, they will fine you for chewing gum in public, not flushing a public toilet, etc, and the penalty for doing drugs is death.  However, the good thing is that the city is VERY clean, the people live in wealth, and certain morals are still a major part of society.

Thanks for your constant emails!  You guys are wonderful!!!


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