Class Letter- Vietnam & Cambodia

Hey Mrs. Marley’s Class!

I will be telling you details about my travels in Vietnam and Cambodia in the individual emails I send you, ok?  These are the pictures you may enjoy though!  😀

These are the people we hung out with our first morning in Viet Nam.  We went to church with Spencer (2nd row, 2nd from the right) and Cassie (1st row, 1st from the right) and then went to Cassie’s home for dinner with several other people from church.  The food was absolutely delicious!  J

Our ship made its’ way up the Saigon River early Sunday morning.  Kara and I woke up at 5:30 to see the fishing boats and the lush green sides of the river.  Then I wrote in my journal on the deck for almost an hour.  It was absolutely beautiful!

On my trip I met a lot of Deaf people.  This is Khiem who I met with in Viet Nam.  He set up the first Deaf Club in Viet Nam where Deaf can come and learn, socialize, and work together for Deaf rights.  He is also a painter.  We went to his simple home and met his mother.

I also met a Deaf woman in a Cambodian market place and then there were three women at an art school who were also Deaf!  One woman had completed a painting that was absolutely gorgeous.  All three women used some sort of Cambodian sign and so it took some time for us to understand each other.  It was really neat though to see Deaf people actually being able to work in Cambodia!

This is in our plane over Cambodia.  It was a small plane and yes, that is a bare propeller right outside my window. J  Cambodia is beautiful but because of the government, the people are kept poor and uneducated.

We also climbed through the tunnels that the Viet Cong used during the Viet Nam war.  They would live under the ground and only come up at night to kill their enemies.  We climbed through the tiny tunnels and I couldn’t imagine living down there for years and years.

I know you’ve already seen the Cambodia temple pictures on my blog, but here are a couple more pictures that I thought you’d enjoy!  Here is Cuddles just chillin’ at Angkor Wat.  He loved the huge temples and watching the red sun rise above the temples.

The temples were built from 800 AD to 1100 AD.  Then the people left because there was a drought and the temple was abandoned.  After hundreds and hundreds of years the forest “ate up” the ruins until no one could even tell there were ruins there anymore.  In about the 1900s, people found the ruins and started to clear out the trees that had literally grown through the temples so that visitors can now see the ruins.  Cool huh?

I love getting to know you and learning about your goals!  Have an amazing week and try to enjoy school.  Learning is the best!  There is just so much to learn about in this world and not enough time to learn it all! J  Thank you for the emails you guys!





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