Alumni Ball


[Click here to learn  more about Deaf culture!]

We finally got a picture of our wonderful ASL table buds! I love these people so much and everyone looks so good! 😀

(L to R) Kara, Alyssa (LDS), Matt (Piano Trio!), Heather, John (Deaf Comedy Act), Tory, Bob, Me, Chris (Tibet together), Gabby.

Wow, it’s hard writing one or two words to help you guys remember them simply because I could write a page on each of all the memories, the laughs, the moments, the inside jokes… I will miss these people as much (if not more) than this incredible trip.

Kara, John and I. I love this man! Such a great friend and someone I could always have a deep or thoughtful conversation with. Another of our friends who started the voyage knowing absolutely NO sign and now very near fluent. Can’t say enough good things about him!

The gals. Sadly we’re missing Gabby but I really love this shot!

Sadly this is a slightly lousy picture, but this is professor Armin and his wife that I’ve told you so much about! Wonderful wonderful people!

Delicious food on the 2nd story of the blue-lit atrium “Timitz Square”.

Dinner before the slideshow, dance, and desserts. Pictures as table decorations and hanging from the ceilings. Everything was nice and the food really good! I had shrimp and chicken cord’n blue (sp!?). Our friends were happy that they sat with “the Mormons” as they got to drink our champagnes for the toast! 😉

[Click here to learn  more about Deaf culture!]

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3 Responses to Alumni Ball

  1. Wow that is awesome!! DD you look gorgeous! What a great experience! ASL rocks!!

  2. Cynthia V. Frickle says:

    Happiness is seeing a Yarbro on Facebook because it’s the next best thing to seeing one in person! Enjoyed seeing your pictures Destiny . . . Your sweet spirit just permeates my monitor!
    Can’t see one person in the family without thinking of all of you . . . Love you all, Cindy

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