The Deaf Dream

Hey y’all!

It’s been ages, I know!  Been a little busy with my recent goal: The Deaf Dream organization.  I’m sure several of you have heard about it through facebook, twitter, on my site and such, but it’s been an absolutely wonderful experience watching this dream take flight!

In a nutshell, our dream is this:  “Not help, empower.”   One of my best buds from Semester at Sea, Matt Rogers, and I put together this video to attempt to squish our organization into less than 6 minutes.  He did an absolutely incredible job!

Please join us to learn about upcoming events, fundraisers, updates, and opportunities to help out!

I will continue to use this blog as I move forward in The Deaf Dream, travel to meet more Deaf Dreamers, and keep y’all updated on our progress.  This is so exciting!!

Love you so much.  Thanks for always being there!

Life is oh-so-good,


[Click here to learn  more about Deaf culture!]

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