Slightly Overwhelmed: Help!

The other night I looked at my innumerable lists of things to do and felt slightly overwhelmed.  (Ok, I felt way overwhelmed.)  There are so many wonderful things to do for so many wonderful causes, but just not enough of me to do them all.  🙂  Thankfully I remembered there are so many fellow dreamers out there that can help.  Yay!

This is your chance!  Here are a few to-do list of things on my list.  Just click the links if you feel this is something you can help me out with!

1) Join our email list so you can keep updated on our work.

2) As we cycle across America next summer, we need housing and food.  Look at the map here and see if you know anyone in the general area of our trail.

3) We’re looking for translators for the website and video.  This organization will be world-wide and not limited to English and ASL countries.  Let us know what languages you speak/sign!

4) We want to offer incentives during our fundraisers.  For example, in our upcoming fundraiser we will be giving away a $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card to a lucky winner.  Do you have some movie tickets, a gift card, a restaurant coupon, or a free cruise (or two) your willing to offer to our cause? 😉  Contact us here.

5) One of the keys to The Deaf Dream is student involvement.  We are on the lookout for student representatives at every university and Deaf school!  Do you or a friend want a resume booster?  Apply here.

6) Lastly, please continue to share our site with friends, family, co-workers and those interested in ASL, Deaf Culture, and Foreign Sign Languages.



Thanks for being willing to help!  It’s amazing how fast this work is moving along and it’s amazing how much work there is still to do!  I am so grateful to be apart of this and can’t wait to see where it take me and you.

Life is oh-so-good!


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