A little here, a little there: make a difference.

It’s amazing how much things have changed in my life since Semester at Sea.  Things that used to annoy me and block my facebook newsfeed, such as petitions, articles on change, and inspirational quotes about influencing the world, now remind me that we don’t need to sit around and “wait on the world to change”.  Now I’m the one blocking everyone’s newfeeds. :}  Oh well.  I guess now I truly believe that change comes from doing the little things.

A little here, a little there, truly makes a difference.

Deaf, bald, blind, wheelchair princessesLast night I had a thought, wouldn’t it be nice if all girls had a Disney princess to relate to?  Like girls who are bald because they’re fighting cancer, or girls in wheelchairs, or those who are blind.  What about cultural minorities, like the Deaf?  Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome if there was a Deaf Disney princess?   Where as my pre-Semester at Sea self would have brushed the thought away justifying that ‘it’s never going to happen’ or ‘someone else will do it’, last night I thought, “What the heck…I’ll just set-up a change.org petition and see what happens!”

Change the world Little PrincesA little here, a little there, hopefully will make a difference.

A while back I read the account of Conor Grennan called “The Little Princes“.  As a college student he flew to Nepal to babysit at an orphanage for a few months mostly to impress the folks back home.  But after a surprising change of heart he takes a series of small steps (each time swearing he would not take the next step) and changes the lives of children slaves in Nepal.

A little here, a little there, made a difference.


So what’s my point?  Post the petition, donate the five bucks, like the inspiring picture, give some food to the homeless guy on your street corner.  I guess the key is to just start; ‘just do it’ as Nike says.

Life is just too good not to start making a difference.


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