More about Khiem; A Vietnamese Deaf Dreamer

Bring Me That Horizon

UPDATE: Khiem will be attending Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts starting in Fall 2013. In June 2013, I will visit Vietnam again and get everything lined up. Way to go Khiem!

Meeting Khiem was a miracle, no question about it.  I had contacted my LDS church in Vietnam prior to arriving in their nation, hoping to attend church with fellow Vietnamese members.  It was through a series of complex connections that someone gave me Khiem’s email.  During the course of my Semester at Sea program I kept in contact with Khiem, surprised that he knew some English despite living in a country with limited Deaf education.

After church, we made our way to downtown Ho Chi Minh City and met Khiem in the center of a round-about next to an enormous statue.  It was evening but we still had plenty of light left.  We crossed the street,  Khiem walked…

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