My Year of 367 Days; My Year of Change

This year was made up of impossibilities. I mean, who gets to live 367 days in one year?




My New Year resolutions for this year are completely different from any year before. While I have always tried to be a good member of society, be involved in service groups, and even serve an LDS humanitarian mission, I have never truly realized the potential of an individual (such as myself) to make a difference.


Friends, here’s the deal: we can either endure life waiting for the next life when everything will be “made right” OR we can start changing this world now. I’m not talking about donating thousands of dollars, building a school on some remote island, or even starting an organization. I’m talking about the everyday things you and I can do to benefit the world around us.




I learned this year that it is the small things we do that make the greater difference in the long run. Signing a petition, joining an organization, participating in a walk-a-thon, giving your pocket change to a man on the street, participating in an Eagle Scout project. Each are seemingly so small, seemingly so insignificant, yet they mean the world to the people you are helping and empowering.


Before this year I thought it was silly to donate $2 to an organization online or sign a petition that already had 300 names on it or read a pamphlet on HIV/AIDs if I couldn’t donate, volunteer, or understand the issue. I was so embarrassed to give pennies or a few minutes of time that I missed out on making a big difference. How I wish I could turn back the clocks and get involved in EVERY good cause!




So how are my resolutions different than before, you ask? Rather than listing only enormous goals (often quite unachievable goals), I am listing out little things I can do to make a big difference. I am going to continue signing every good petition that comes into my hands or onto my email account. I am going to donate $3/week to our selected Deaf Dreamers. I am going to serve daily. I am going to speak at more high schools and inspire them to dream big. I am going to cheer for any and all dreamers world-wide. I am going to make a difference in others’ lives.


How are you going to make a difference this year?


So, yes, this year was made up of impossibilities. Miracles more like it. I am not the same Destiny that was packing ponchos, foreign cash, and a swim suit for a trip around the world on this day last year. My goal is to not only look for ways to make my dreams come true, but search for ways to support others’ dreams.


Life is oh-so-good my friends!


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