Hello from the ENGLISH CHANNEL

[May 3] My experience on a $450 16 day cruise has been incredible! I must admit, nearly the entire first week I was quite anxious to get something done and felt a little “stuck” on board a ship where the demographic is about a half a century older than me. 🙂 I struggled with the luxurious lifestyle onboard and watching money that could make a difference be used for expensive restaurants and gambling. (I still kind of struggle with that 🙂 ) But, I also realized that I have not had a “sit around” vacation in about a year and after some patience and time, I have finally been able to relax and thoroughly enjoy myself! All that said, it has been a great learning experience and certainly a wonderful way to see the world!


View of the White Cliffs from the top deck.

Although the cruise life is quite different than my Semester at Sea experience, one thing is constant: the sea. My goodness, it’s good to be back on the ocean! As an Arizona girl who has lived in Utah the last year, I was desperate to get back to the “big blue” and I’m so grateful I chose a sea route! Watching the sunrise over the flat horizon in the mornings reminds me of my time on 5th deck on the MS Explorer. I love seeing every color blue imaginable as we have made our way from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic, and now up the English Channel. I have also been fascinated by flying fish, been mesmerized by the ship’s wake, and enjoyed watching the clouds create dark spots on the sea once again. It’s good to be back!

Yesterday morning as I watched the sun rise with seagulls in the sky and 8-10 ships lining the horizon, it hit me. I’m going up the ENGLISH CHANNEL! This historic water is where the pilgrims sailed the other direction to colonize America. This is where magnificent and terrible battles have been fought between England and the mainland. This is where Romans crossed to conquer. This is where swimmers have fought to cross to the other shore. As a history buff, I am giddy in excited anticipation of what I will see today!

Today I arrive in Dover and will tour with my wonderful Aussie friend, Veronica. We have been pals since day one when we realized we were both traveling alone on board the Norwegian Star. I am especially keen on seeing a castle, though I’m sure my experience will be a pleasant one with Veronica and her family here in England. I will let you know how it goes!

Life is oh-so-good!


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2 Responses to Hello from the ENGLISH CHANNEL

  1. JoMae Brenneke says:

    I am so!!!!! jealous. /But there is something I am 1-up on you about. I’ve been up the English Channel – went from dover to france in a Hovercraft. I’ve seen some of the historic castles, like Anne Bolyn’s country home. I’ve eaten authentic fish and chips from a newspaper cone. Are you keepin’ your eyes out for me? Someday . . .


    • Destiny says:

      Haha, will do JoMae! 😀 You’ve “1-upped me” on a lot of things and I hope to follow in your footsteps 😉 Love you tonz! Hope the mission is going absolutely wonderfully and that you’re enjoying red hot pears for me! 🙂

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