Hello from AZORES! Atlantic island of lush fields and quaint churches.

Hello from Azores!


[30 APRIL] I just had the most wonderful day! As we pulled into port this morning, I was amazed to see the hills full of lush, green fields as far as the eye could see! While there are indeed towns, with quaint orange roofs and majestic stone churches, there is a lot of agriculture which surprise. There was also a small European town feel that I did not expect whatsoever.

I decided to spend my day wandering the streets and visiting the little shops lining the historic district. Ponto Delgada is quite an old town, so the streets had the old European feel that I have longed to see my whole life. Even though it is an island in the middle of the Atlantic, it has been populated by Portuguese for quite some time. There were times when I could almost imagine myself back in my church mission in Hungary. I’m sure I walked around that island from dawn to dusk with a contented smile on my face and a spring in my step. I am traveling again! It felt so familiar and wonderful, so second nature in a way, that it was hard to remember the reasons why I haven’t traveled extensively in the last year 🙂

I spent my time meeting people around the area. The shopkeepers were especially kind and many of them took part in my filming. 🙂 I would step in their shoppes, absolutely brimming with merchandise, and make my way over to the counters, often covered in supplies as well. They were always so kind to teach me a phrase in Portuguese or two. I found several books in Portuguese Sign Language too, which I’m excited to incorporate into the films I’m making. One even gave me an old coin that has not been in use since the Euro arrived in the Azores somewhere over a decade ago. What a wonderful day!

It’s good to be back to doing what I love: traveling the world, meeting people, and learning more about life. Bring on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences! 🙂

Life is oh-so-good!


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