Why Companies Should Hire History Majors

We all know undergraduates with history majors are very unlikely to get employment. Forbes says history is one of the top 10 worst undergrad majors to get. Yet, we still choose history: our favorite subject, our love, our passion; and quietly hope that we’ll be one of the lucky ones who actually score a job.

The thing is: companies should hire history majors. In fact, they’re crazy not to! Here are 6 of the many reasons to take a chance on one of us lowly history undergraduates.

1. History majors love things others hate.

History majors are used to digging through dusty books in the library that have never been checked out before. We live in the creepy archives under our university. When our classmates were falling asleep in 8th grade history class, we were eagerly taking notes. Stick us in the mundane job, we’ll love it!


2. If a history major doesn’t know something, they research until they do know.

Why Companies Should Hire History Majors Research History Graduates

What company wants an employee who runs to the boss every time there is something new? History majors are quick learners. We are used to hard, mind-numbing research concerning every topic under the sun. But that’s a good thing, right? Companies want independent thinkers in employees who are willing to go the extra mile to learn a new skill or procedure.


3. History majors get really excited about little things. (Even when no one else does.)

Why Companies Should Hire History Majors, Enthusiastic about Nothin

Imagine combing through documents for days and finally finding a primary source that you can use to prove your thesis. Sound exciting? No? Well, to history majors, it’s huge; like break-out-into-the-hallelujah-chorus and dance like fat Monica huge. Call us crazy, but we have trained ourselves to get excited about nothing. Every company needs that kind of enthusiasm in an employee.


4. History majors have amazing memories for detail.

Call it a stereotype, but it’s true. History majors have incredible memories for dates, names and events. Whether or not we remember our father’s birthday is irrelevant, the point is we are capable of remembering enormous amounts of work-related information.


5. History majors are creative thinkers.

If you think all we history majors do is pull facts out of a book and write them down, think again. To stand out in our field, we must come up with a unique perspective on subjects studied over hundreds or thousands of years. For example, you can’t just write your thesis on the events of the Peloponnesian War or even on the weapons used in that war. You have to somehow find an unknown fact that thousands of historians throughout the ages somehow missed. No big deal.

If employers want creative thinkers, look to history majors who have to provide new perspectives on well-worn topics. We live outside the box.


6. History majors are loyal employees.

We’ll stick with your company no matter what…yes, probably because we know we’re lucky to have a job at all…and we’re desperate enough to stay at one job forever. But, the point is, if you want an employee that won’t leave the second they can, hire a history major!

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2 Responses to Why Companies Should Hire History Majors

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  2. byuflamingo says:

    WHY have I not seen that fat Monica episode of Friends? I need to watch it. Stat.

    P.S. If I had a company, this has convinced me to hire all history majors ever.

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