Mandela Memorial Interpreter: The Same Old Oppression

I figure I should make my opinion known while the earth’s eyes are open to the Deaf world for a moment. A fake interpreter reveals a deeper, darker problem in the world at large: Deaf are still oppressed.

The Deaf Dream

Destiny Yarbro

Founder & CEO

In the tumult of this week’s news, many may wonder why a fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was such a big deal. After all, the memorial wasn’t for Deaf people, it was for Mandela. Right?


Why did millions, perhaps even billions, tune in to watch the memorial this week? Nelson Mandela wasn’t just a good South African. He was a symbol to the world. He represented FREEDOM. Freedom from OPPRESSION.

How ironic, then, that a fake interpreter would attend.


The thing is, Deaf are very familiar with oppression. We have been fighting an apartheid of our own. Braam Jordaan from the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section, was the one to ask for an “end [to] communication Apartheid”. [Read more here.]


So when a fake interpreter stood before a worldwide audience and made up gestures, he was saying…

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3 Responses to Mandela Memorial Interpreter: The Same Old Oppression

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  3. Benny Warden says:

    Fake interpretor in South Africa is a crime..

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