DEAF and ASL Online Internships

The day our interns started their internships for The Deaf Dream last year, I cried…a lot.

Since May 2012, I had been running as hard as possible to start a small non-profit organization. Amazing people have helped along the way–Elizabeth, Carol, John, Matt, Tory, Austin and my incredible family . But I never seemed to be able to do enough; never seemed to have enough energy to support the dreams of the amazing Deaf Dreamers I’ve met worldwide.

So when I sat down to my computer on the first day, opened up the TeamWorkPM program, and saw all the work that had been completed by the interns while I had been out, I cried and said gratitude prayers to my Heavenly Father. What an overwhelming feeling to realize we had finally reached the point where I could pass the baton to other dreamers like me!

The Deaf Dream is growing like crazy, built by the volunteer efforts of so many!

The Deaf Dream has online volunteer ASL internships for Deaf and hearing. As of January 2014, there are approximately 45 interns raising awareness and funds for Deaf Dreamers around the globe.

And we get more applications nearly everyday.                                APPLY HERE

The Deaf Dream Internships Deaf and Hearing ASL Student Interns Volunteer Online Internships

What many don’t realize is that these internships can be done by anyone! We have many high school students who have committed to just 1 hour/week. We have older interns who have extra time at home now that their kids are grown. Some are fluent in ASL, some are ASL students. We have interns from the Netherlands, Australia and Canada. They write blog posts, create YouTube videos, find Deaf Dreamers worldwide and raise funds. The most incredible part is that these interns are volunteers–taking time out of their busy schedules to go outside their own little worlds and make a difference. I am stunned by the goodness of people in this world! [Learn more about Deaf Dream Internships HERE.]

The Deaf Dream


Trouble With ASL, Student, Class, Deaf Culture Problems, Spying on People GIFFrench architecture in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

Sibel, Hanife, Me, and Iskender together on a street at Taksim.


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