About Destiny

Destiny always dreamed of traveling the world.  After living in Mexico and Hungary she applied to the Semester at Sea program to continue her education abroad.  While waiting several years for this dream to materialize she completed her Bachelor’s degree in history at Brigham Young University with a personal focus in international Deaf history.

When at last she began her journey to circumnavigate the globe, she met Deaf in nearly every country she visited, saw their limited circumstances, and discussed their dreams to change their nations. It was on a flight from Tibet that the idea behind The Deaf Dream began to materialize. Destiny founded The Deaf Dream organization on the belief that all people deserve the right to pursue their dreams.

Destiny encourages fellow dreamers, regardless of experience or background, to travel the world with her and do their part to change the world by taking part in supporting dreams around the world!

Destiny teaches online ASL courses 

and one-on-one online tutoring.

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