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I write about worthy (though sometimes unnoticed) causes. You can sign these petitions, donate to these charities and truly make a difference!

DEAF and ASL Online Internships

The day our interns started their internships for The Deaf Dream last year, I cried…a lot. Since May 2012, I had been running as hard as possible to start a small non-profit organization. Amazing people have helped along the way–Elizabeth, … Continue reading

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Worthy Cause 2: NABEEL RAJAB

[LINK: Take 5 Seconds to Sign This Petition] Freedom of speech is not something to be taken lightly. After my experience in Tibet, freedom of speech is something that I hope to cherish the rest of my life.   Here … Continue reading

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The Deaf Dream supports Bloomberg’s interpreter and against Chelsea Handler

I decided to stand up with DeafNation as the founder of The Deaf Dream and others who have not been afraid to call out the media as well as Chelsea Handler.  For those of you who don’t know, thankfully there … Continue reading

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Sign My Petition!

Hey friends! I started a petition the other day to ask Disney to create a Deaf Disney princess to represent our cultural minority!  I also thought it would be neat to have bald Disney princesses to represent girls with cancer, … Continue reading

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The Deaf Dream

Hey y’all! It’s been ages, I know!  Been a little busy with my recent goal: The Deaf Dream organization.  I’m sure several of you have heard about it through facebook, twitter, on my site and such, but it’s been … Continue reading

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