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Sarcophagi, Harems, and Dancing in the Streets

I’ve done more in the last couple of weeks than the majority of my travels this year. So I decided to be a little lazy and throw some of the random activities into one blog post for those of you … Continue reading

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You know you’re in Vietnam when…

1. Bus Stops are more like “Bus Pauses”. Buses rarely stop here. They slow down (slightly) with the doors open so that someone can grab you to help you on board. Keep up or wait for the next bus, I … Continue reading

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Journal Entry from Dachau Concentration Camp

18 May 2013: I’m sitting next to the crematorium. The smoke stack is above me nearly blocking the sun. I’m sitting behind the building so there are no people around. A small Jewish memorial is on my right, coated in … Continue reading

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I live in the Garden of Eden

I live in Munich, Germany or the Garden of Eden (as it will henceforth be known). Moving to Germany was one of my earliest recorded dreams…and now I’m actually here! [May 16] Yesterday I escaped the city limits and traveled … Continue reading

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Hello from AZORES! Atlantic island of lush fields and quaint churches.

Hello from Azores! [30 APRIL] I just had the most wonderful day! As we pulled into port this morning, I was amazed to see the hills full of lush, green fields as far as the eye could see! While there … Continue reading

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Class Letter- Vietnam & Cambodia

Hey Mrs. Marley’s Class! I will be telling you details about my travels in Vietnam and Cambodia in the individual emails I send you, ok?  These are the pictures you may enjoy though!  😀 These are the people we hung … Continue reading

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China & Potala Palace, Tibet

I’m in one of the most incredible and remote places on earth. Here are traditional Tibetan homes in front of awe-inspiring mountains. Standing in front of the Potala Palace before walking the 500+ steps lol. It was absolutely incredible and … Continue reading

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