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Back to Beautiful Vietnam

As a traveler, all countries influence you, change you, morph you into a different person. But there are certain countries that stay in your heart and never leave. Vietnam was one of those countries for me and for most of … Continue reading

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8 Recommendations for Semester at Sea

I have had many people interested in my trip around the world. The Semester at Sea program is AMAZING and I recommend it to any and all. There are scholarships, work study, and home institution financial aid options. If you really … Continue reading

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INDIA: The Land of Extremes

New Delhi, India [From Journal 3/14/2012] “We’re in Delhi right now! I’m sitting on an Indian train and definitely having a once in a lifetime experience. The seats are old and slightly corroded. The windows yellow with age and dirt. … Continue reading

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More about Khiem; A Vietnamese Deaf Dreamer

UPDATE: Khiem will be attending Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts starting in Fall 2013. In June 2013, I will visit Vietnam again and get everything lined up. Way to go Khiem! Meeting Khiem was a miracle, no question about … Continue reading

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850 Views for The Deaf Dream!

862 to be precise!  It’s crazy how fast this video is moving.  Help us reach 1000 by sharing our video!!!   [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HHQCo_LnK4] I have been having so many ideas this last week of ways this organization can make not just … Continue reading

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The Deaf Dream

Hey y’all! It’s been ages, I know!  Been a little busy with my recent goal: The Deaf Dream organization.  I’m sure several of you have heard about it through facebook, twitter, on my site http://www.thedeafdream.org and such, but it’s been … Continue reading

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Wow.  No one told me how hard this would be.  I guess I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t realize how similar this would be to coming home from my mission to Hungary.  So many of the same … Continue reading

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